Insanity at Newtown Conn.

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I was at my work while a breaking news popped up in my phone saying, “Multiple People shot in Conn. Elementary School shoot”, from the CNN Iphone app in my phone. I started panicking whether incident like  Aurora Shooting or Virginia Tech Massacre is happening again. Minutes later I learned that, 20 children and 6 adults were shoot dead using semiautomatic weapon. Since then, my mind is just going crazy just thinking of those beautiful innocent children who went to school and did not returned their home forever. This is probably the most shocking moment of my life. I cant explain how much I love children. I am mourning all day and night and cursing cursing the evil who so easily took away those beautiful children. There is no recovery for events like this. Although, President Obama is visiting the families or social networking sites are filled with sympathy the parents will never get their children back. US should step ahead in preventing such kind of massacre in the future. We cant assume that such type of insanity wont happen until US does something serious on possession of  weapons. Hope everything goes with peace and fine in the future. Once again RIP those beautiful hearts and other victims.


Lord Buddha was born in Nepal

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Many people in Europe and Americas still say that founder of Buddhism Lord Gautam Buddha was born in India. They either said because they don’t know about Nepal or were told so. When I find people still believing that Buddha was born in India, I get extremely confused and angry. Since, Nepal is a small developing country it is overlapped by India politically and people have misconception about it. Anyway I am proud to declare that Lord Buddha was born about 2500 years ago in Lumbini, of Kapilastu district Nepal. Lumbini is now regarded as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Does EU really deserves Nobel Peace Prize?

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Today when I woke up browsing Irish Times app in my cell phone, I became confused to see the news that European Union is awarded with Nobel Peace Prize 2012. Then i felt like raising up the issue in the panel discussion in my Writing and Presentation skills class. I wrote the question, does EU really deserves Nobel Peace Prize, and I questioned. We had three Irish , including lecturer and one Nepalese in the panel. When I read my question, I saw confusion in the panel rather than excitement. Even Bradnon my professor was not exited for it. He was talking about detouring  human right issues in Europe which would rather not provide enough credit to win the prize. Others, they were not really positive for it.

When the panel asked for my view, I totally agreed that EU really deserved the Nobel Peace Price. I still remember studying the war stories between countries prior and in World War 2. The war between nations and groups since history started has come to an end now creating a common platform for anyone here. The Germans or French or Irish have common passport and can work anywhere. The continent have changed from the continent of war to continent of peace. Although there is a surging unemployment and feeble economy and banks needing bailouts, Europe have gone to a peace and democracy. Thus, I believe EU really deserves Nobel Peace Prize. EU should further go in resolving the human rights issues and banking crises. Other world regions like middle east, south and east Asia or South America can really learn great lessons from EU and its activities.


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Can we consider them as the all Greatest Band in the globe? I think we can say a big  YES with no hesitation. Anyone who is keen in music knows Metallica no mtter they listen Jazz, Hip-Hip or Lady Gaga. These heavy metal legends started their journey from 1981 and have released 9 studio albums and have sold over 15 millions copies in the US and 28 million copies worldwide. Thy are truely a music icon and inspiration to many music lovers.

Christmas Fever!!

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Its almost freezing. Cold wind is blowing off peoples head. But nobody looks like it really mattered. The streets in Dublin are all full and looks like people are ready for Christmas. The Christmas lights hanging in the streets are adding further beauty and charm on the people. Some people are busy shopping while some of them are enjoying the stunts and plays in the streets. I am felling like Christmas fever, here in Dublin is exploding.

Most Dangerous Airport in the World

What should I say about it? It is regarded as number 1 extreme airport in the world and I am not really proud but stunned to hear  it.    Located at the elevation of  9,200 feet Tenzing-Hillary Airport (Lukla Airport) is the gateway to the Everest and regarded dangerous due to it elevation, mountains around it, short runway and frequently changing weather. Nepal has numerous airports with similar traits where numerous people loss their life each year in the plane crashes.